Size: 5kg
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Oxy-Bleach is a powerful washing powder designed to remove tough stains and brighten whites. Its advanced formula contains active oxygen, which penetrates deep into fabrics to break down stains and lift them away. Oxy-Bleach is effective on a wide range of stains, including coffee, tea, wine, and grass, among others.

This peroxygen powder is gentle on fabrics, yet tough on stains, making it an ideal choice for everyday use. It is suitable for use on a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, linen, and synthetic blends. Additionally, Oxy-Bleach contains optical brighteners, which help to enhance the appearance of whites and colors, giving them a brilliant, fresh look.

Oxy-Bleach is easy to use. Simply add it to your regular wash cycle, along with your favourite laundry detergent, and let it work its magic. With regular use, you can enjoy brighter, cleaner, and fresher-looking laundry. Order your Oxy-Bleach today and experience the power of active oxygen for yourself!

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