Size: 5L
Sale priceR 285.00


Vinyl-Shine is a high-quality dashboard and tyre silicone polish that provides a long-lasting shine and protection to your car's interior and tyres. Formulated with advanced silicone technology, Vinyl-Shine penetrates deep into the vinyl and rubber surfaces, leaving a smooth and glossy finish that resists dirt and dust.

Not only does it enhance the overall appearance of your car, but it also protects against UV rays, cracking, and fading caused by extreme temperatures. Vinyl-Shine is easy to apply and dries quickly, leaving no residue or greasy film.

Whether you're looking to restore your car's dashboard or give your tyres a sleek, polished look, Vinyl-Shine is the perfect solution for all your automotive needs. Order yours today and experience the ultimate shine and protection for your car!

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