Size: 5L
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Wash-Matic is the ultimate solution for automatic dishwashing. Our high-quality liquid detergent is specially formulated to cut through stubborn food stains, grease and oils, leaving your dishes sparkling clean with each wash. Its powerful cleaning agents work quickly to remove food residue and grime, while its concentrated formula helps to conserve water and reduce waste and it carries the SANS 1828 mark for safe use in the food industry.

Wash-Matic is easy to use and requires no pre-washing or soaking of dishes. Simply add it to your dishwasher and let it do the rest. Our advanced formula is tough on stains but gentle on your dishes, protecting them from scratches and other damage.

Trust Wash-Matic for all your automatic dishwashing needs. Our detergent is available in different sizes to suit your specific requirements. So, whether you run a commercial kitchen or just want to keep your home dishes clean and spotless, Wash-Matic is the perfect choice.

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