Size: 5L
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Introducing Wash 'n Wax, the ultimate car and truck wash detergent that not only cleans but also adds a layer of protection to your vehicle. Our specially formulated solution contains powerful surfactants that penetrate and lift off stubborn dirt, oils and grease, leaving your vehicle looking clean and refreshed.

But that's not all, Wash 'n Wax also deposits a fine film of soluble waxes on the surface of your vehicle, providing an added layer of protection from the elements. The waxes act as a barrier against water, dirt, and UV rays, ensuring that your vehicle stays clean and shiny for longer.

Our product is easy to use - simply dilute it with water as per the instructions and apply it to your vehicle using a sponge or cloth. The soluble waxes will start working their magic, leaving your vehicle with a brilliant shine.

So why settle for just a regular car wash when you can get a wash and wax in one go? Try Wash 'n Wax today and experience the difference.

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